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Peter Van Maldegem - Funds Specialist De Tijd | L'Echo
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Felix Zulauf – CEO Zulauf Asset Management

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BOS 1 – NN Investment Partners:
Sustainability beyond ESG scores

Alex Zuiderwijk Senior Portfolio Manager, Sustainable Equity

What defines a Sustainable Business model? Can it be captured in one number or does it require a more sophisticated assessment?

As ESG investing becomes more popular so does alternative ESG data. Opinions about sustainability vary among data providers and correlation appears low.

What defines a sustainable business model and does the ultimate sustainability truth actually exist? Alex Zuiderwijk, senior portfolio manager Sustainable Equity will share his views on two important issues.

The importance to have a value chain focussed research approach. In addition variation in materiality among factors and also the positive change of ESG ratings seem more relevant than looking at absolute ESG policy factors alone.

Using a common sense approach avoiding clear ESG risks via a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative ESG and financial assessment of a business model, is a proven path that the NN IP team has successfully implemented while outperforming the broader equity market.


BOS 2 – Degroof Petercam Asset Management:
Beyond Green Bonds : Climate Opportunities in Fixed Income

Anouk Slock & Ronald Van Steenweghen SRI Specialist & Fund Manager Fixed Income

Climate change is real and top of mind for both investors and policy makers for decades to come

Green bonds allow investors to generate positive environment benefits without sacrificing returns

A timely transition towards a low-carbon economy will require substantial investments… in both climate challengers and enablers

Climate change will disrupt a wide area of sectors impacting financial asset valuations (incl. fixed income) whilst also creating opportunities


BOS 3 – Lyxor ETF:
Passive investing at the heart of the ESG transformation

Francois Millet Head of Innovation and ESG for Lyxor ETF

Passive investing at the heart of the ESG transformation

Record inflows in ESG ETFs : market update and latest trends

EU action plan and climate : new indices at the heart of the transition

What’s the impact of ESG investing on portfolio performance?



BOS 1 – Nordea Asset Management:
Climate change: a growing set of opportunities for investors

Geoffrey Lebeau Product Specialist at the Institutional and Wholesale Distribution unit of Nordea Asset Management, focusing on equity products.

Climate change is a sustainable mega trend that makes economic sense and there is no doubt it’s here to stay as it represents a powerful driver of innovation.

The investment team behind the Nordea 1 – Global Climate and Environment Fund focuses on selecting companies developing leading edge solutions to climate and environmental challenges.

These companies are experiencing a strong demand growth which translates into a greater incentive to develop new technologies to not only benefit the environment but also improve profitability.


ESG Reporting: How to face the huge challenge for institutional investors?

Valéry Théry Group Product Manager

ESG Reporting : An essential driver to lead your sustainable investment strategy

- Giving transparency and confidence
- Managing risks and seizing opportunities
- Moving ahead of the sustainability-related disclosures

Regulatory update on non-financial disclosure : What’s new and what is coming?

- Case study : the French law on the transparency requirement on the ESG factors integration in the investment strategy

“Must-Have” vs “Nice-to-Have” : What are the drivers to implement an ESG Reporting ?

What are the barriers and constraints ?

What are the future challenges ?
- Data quality : How can innovation be a benefit
- Value Chain : How to move from an institutional theme to the concerns of end investors


BOS 3 – PensioPlus:
ESG for pension funds

Philip Neyt & Marc Van den Bosch Chairman PensioPlus & Deputy Secretary General PensioPlus

How to integrate ESG-factors into an investment process

- Pension funds as institutional investors

- Why is ESG integration gaining traction?

- ESG, asset classes and terminology

- Integrating ESG into the investment process
* Investment beliefs
* ESG Policy
* Implementation
* Benchmarking and monitoring

- Some examples

- Future of ESG: overview of the European initiatives on sustainable finance



BOS 1 – BNP Paribas Asset Management:
Combining passive and active management: an example with ESG integration

Isabelle Bourcier Head of Quantitative and Index Management in the Multi Asset Quantitative & Solutions (MAQS) division at BNP Paribas Asset Management

Globally, allocations to passively managed funds (also referred to as index funds) are forecast to rise from around 14% of the fund industry’s total assets under management in 2017 to 27% by 2025 (according to data from Moody’s Investors Service).

At BNP Paribas Asset Management, we construct passive investment solutions with Active ESG integration.In the past, integration of Environmental, Societal and Governance (ESG) investment criteria was associated with active-management strategies but this perception has changed over the last 5 – 10 years, notably in Europe.

Index fund managers have integrated ESG scores into their valuation models and investment processes as demand for inclusion of climate and sustainability parameters in the structure of index solutions has grown. Investors are keen to take advantage of the different possibilities on offer and seek advice from specialists like BNPP AM who combine 20 years of ESG know-how (thanks to a dedicated ESG research team) with a 30-year track record in index replication. For all investment solutions, the Sustainability Centre at BNP Paribas Asset Management ensures application of a proxy voting and engagement policy.

Active integration of ESG investment criteria goes hand in hand with passive investing for us at BNP Paribas Asset Management.


BOS 2 – Stibbe:
The new Companies and Associations Code – what’s in it for funds?

Pascal Vanden Borre Partner at Stibbe – Corporate and M&A

A break-out session offering insights into the opportunities offered by the new Companies and Associations Code by highlighting some “hot topics” relevant for funds.

A(n) (r)evolution in Belgian corporate law has taken in place in 2019 by the entry into force of the new Companies and Associations Code.

While companies incorporated following 1 May 2019 are currently already subject to the Companies and Associations Code, existing companies should comply with the mandatory rules thereof as of 1 January 2020.

All Belgian funds should thoroughly assess the implications of the Companies and Associations Code for their current corporate governance structure, liquidity and dividend policy to be prepared for compliance in 2020.

On the basis of practical takeaways, this session aims to address some challenges and clarify how to make use of the opportunities ahead.


BOS 3 – Econopolis:
High-Conviction: Investing in a world of Exponential Technologies

Siddy Jobe Portfolio Manager Exponential Technologies

We are on the cusp of one of the most disruptive, innovative eras since the start of the Industrial Revolution.

During the breakout session we will explain how investors can take benefit of this nascent wave of technological innovation.

The worldwide launch of 5G in 2020 and the coming of age of AI will boost several other technological innovations, such as Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Autonomous Vehicles, Gaming, Medtech and many more. In recent months, technology headlines were mainly in the light of the US / China trade war, but towards the beginning of the new decade we are strongly convinced that the force of technological innovation will take the upper hand.

Thematic Investing (Digital AM)

Thematic Investing (Digital AM)

BOS 1 – Baloise Asset Management:
Crash Protection Strategy

Bertan Gueler Sr. Portfolio Manager

With our so called "crash protection" strategy, losses can significantly be reduced during crash periods.

A “Crash” can mean many things. For this strategy we have defined a crash as a period in which losses of -30%/-40% or higher occur. Flash crashes or sudden shocks of -10% to -20% are not the scope of this session. The reasoning behind this definition will be explained using proprietary research.

Looking at historic crashes there are specific characteristics which occur in every single crash:
· Diversification doesn't work during these periods and hence this important attribute is helpful to protect portfolios · There are surprising unknown facts about the duration of crashes

Overall, protection against a crash is much easier than expected, however doing so without giving up too much of the upside potential is the difficult part in designing a strategy. The proprietary indicators of our crash protection strategy achieve this target of protection without giving up too much upside.

Finally, we will see our crash protection model in action. The strategy is applied in practice since 2011. It successfully provided protection during the crises of 2011, 2015/2016 and 2018.

Since 2017 the strategy is applied in products of Baloise Asset Management. Due to the fact that the strategy is purely systematic, out-of-sample tests dating back till 1870 can be presented as well.

This session is interesting for everyone who wants to invest in equity markets and is looking for strategies to reduce the high drawdown risk during periods of crashes.

Thematic Investing (Digital AM)

BOS 2 – Natixis Investment Managers:
Thematic investing: what's in it for investors

Karen Kharmandarian Chairman & CIO of Thematics Asset Management

Investing in the equity of a company consists in taking a view on its future and in assigning a value to it.
And the same applies when dealing more broadly with stock markets to build a robust and attractive portfolio.

We, at Thematics Asset Management, are convinced there are better ways than others to frame our mind-set and our stock picking. Thematic investing refers to the use of the best information we have on the future, namely the primary forces.
These are far-reaching transformative shifts that give way to a whole new paradigm, affecting our lives in powerful and varying ways. They change how we behave and how we interact, the way we trade, the way we think and the way we live. They create new economic structures and new industries while marginalizing others. They affect the flow of money and are set to become a meaningful part of investment markets, though it can be easy to overlook their impact in the early days.
Increased urbanization, an ageing and shrinking workforce, adapting to climate change, these are just some of the long term structural shifts that we see today and which we will increasingly need to face tomorrow.
Thematic investing focuses on markets that are growing faster than the broader global economy due to a range of long-term, secular growth drivers that remain consistent over time. It seeks out the businesses that will be at the forefront of long-term themes and identifies companies best positioned to benefit from the ‘primary forces’ which are believed to be the root causes of paradigm shifts - namely demographics, innovation, globalization and resource scarcity. Successfully identifying and gaining exposure to one or several of these primary forces positions us at the source of unique and secular growth potential.
Structuring a portfolio so it fits with the forces that are profoundly reshaping our world allows it to “sail with the wind”; ignoring or misinterpreting them would lead it to perpetually “sail against unseen and misunderstood tides”.

Thematic Investing (Digital AM)

BOS 3 – TechRules:
New Digital Platforms for Wealth and Asset Management. Robo Advice

Jaime Bolivar Managing Director

The launch of new digital platforms and the evolution of customer journeys has been a key strategic priority, complemented by many Financial institutions running broader digital transformation programs.

Taken together, the focus in these areas is likely driven in part by regulatory changes and fee pressures. However, another factor is the pointed shift in consumer demand for real time engagement and online access to services managed uniformly from their mobile and personal devices, which means that banks and Financial institutions need to embrace the move from the old world of paper processes to a truly cohesive and digital ecosystem.

TechRules provides Asset & Wealth Management solutions and is a Fintech reference with customers all over Europe and Latin America. TechRules partners major financial institutions to provide multi-channel asset and wealth management technology to their clients across direct or hybrid channels.

Complete high-standard API Wealth Management Marketplace coming out of our more than 20 years of experience in Digital WealthTech solutions.

How can they optimize their Business Model? Is a Robo Advisor more than just advice and can it be an opportunity to grow your business?

Let's analyse what TechRules considers a set of functionalities that a Wealth Management Digital Platform should offer.

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