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BOS Pensioplus – Private debt for pension funds

  • When: 17h10 – 17h40.
  • FSMA accredited*: 0,5 points bank (B600 014) / 0,5 points insurances (A700 011)
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Private debt for pension funds

Pension funds play a pivotal role in providing adequate pensions for all. First pillar benefits are under enormous pressure. It has become apparent that supplementary occupational pensions are becoming a “must have” for everyone. PensioPlus therefore pleads for a generalization and deepening of 2nd pillar pensions while preserving the fiscal framework and the vested rights of the members to make supplementary pensions more accessible and transparent for everyone.  

While fulfilling their important social function in providing pensions, pension funds also act as a stabilizing factor within the financial markets in times of crisis given their anti-cyclical investment policy. 

Pensions are long term liabilities and therefore pension funds are long term investors.  Therefore pension funds can include in their asset allocation asset classes that other financial market participants have more difficult to incorporate.  They can benefit from the illiquidity premium of some asset classes.  Private debt is one of those assets that can be used by pension funds. In this session we will go more into detail on the pros and cons of this investments, the legal framework and the different options pension funds have when making use of this asset class. 

Speakers FIF 2021

Marnik Van Impe, senior adviser PensioPlus. Marnik Van Impe is Senior Advisor at PensioPlus and directs working groups, chairs debates and is the central person within the association for all European issues in the world of pension funds. He holds a Master in Actuarial Science and has been involved in 2nd Pillar pensions during his entire career. 

Sandra Florent, general director Delory OFP. Sandra Florent is general director at F. Delory pension fund. Mrs. Florent has an extensive experience in supplementary pensions schemes and pension investments. She holds a Master degree from Solvay Brussels School and has a background in audit. 

*This breakout session is accredited by Edfin vzw. Co-organiser of the Fund Insiders Forum. In order to acquire FSMA credit points, we are required to scan your ticket at the entrance.

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