News / FIF, the funds network event by De Tijd |L’Echo goes digital for its third edition

FIF, the funds network event by De Tijd |L’Echo goes digital for its third edition

It has been an eventful year for investors. The corona crisis has shaken up the funds market, and at the same time, created plenty of opportunities. Sustainable funds and technology shares continued their stable performance, while the gap between strong and weak performing sectors and companies grew. Under the motto “Expect the unexpected”, funds brokers are busy looking for a vaccine to protect themselves better against surprises in the months to come; they regard the current substantial correction not as an end, but rather as the beginning of a volatile period.*

Virtual three-day meeting (29/09 – 30/09 – 01/10)

At the end of September, for the third consecutive year, FIF – the Fund Insiders Forum by business newspapers De Tijd & L’Echo – takes a closer look at the trends and evolutions in the funds market. In order to assure the annual meeting with institutional investors, brokers and funds managers takes place in accordance with the corona guidelines, this B2B networking event will take on a new format. Whereas previous editions of FIF were physical one-day events, this year, it will become a virtual three-day meeting on 29 and 30 September, and 1 October. This way, participants can choose when they join which session, at the office or at home.

Belgian and international speakers

This year, FIF will evolve into a hybrid online event, whereby the focus is on interactivity and engagement of the participants. Each FIF afternoon opens with a plenary part with editorial debates and interviews with Belgian and international speakers. The keynotes of the event will be announced very soon.

Engaging webinars and networking

After the plenary session, webinars will deep dive on specific topics. Assuralia, BNP Paribas AM, NN IP, Febelfin, JP Morgan, PBAB and Pensioplus are already on the programme to share their expertise with funds managers, institutional investors and brokers.

Moderators will assure that participants can actively participate through a live Q&A. Networking with likeminded professionals in the funds market is also still guaranteed: a networking tool allows funds professionals to connect with clients and colleagues during FIF.
The full programme of FIF will be communicated, allowing participants to sign up for the webinars in line with their interests in time.

FIF, the Fund Insiders Forum by business newspapers De Tijd | L’Echo, is only accessible for professionals from the financial sector. For further information about FIF:

*Funds (De Tijd) 17/06/2020

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