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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the early bird rate?

The subscription for the preregistration will open at the end of August. You will see a registration button on the homepage, where your e-mail will be asked. Enter your e-mail. You’ll get a subscription mail in your mailbox. On the 8th of September, an email with a unique discount code will follow. Once the regular registrations open at the 9th of September, follow the link in the mail, enter your information and follow the steps to pay the attendance fee. Once you’ve paid, you can subscribe for webinars.

How do I subscribe for FIF?

Click the register here button, enter your information and follow the steps to pay the attendance fee. Once you’ve paid, you can subscribe for webinars.

How do I subscribe for the webinars?

When you subscribe for the event, you will get the option to select the webinars of your choice. That way, you create your own personal program for FIF.

You can only register for your preferred sessions, once you’ve registered and paid the attendance fee.

Can I subscribe my colleague(s) for the event?

The registration part of the site is personal. As you have to subscribe for the webinars, and the places are personal, a different account for your colleague(s) has to be created.

How much is the attendance fee?

If you preregister, you benefit from the Early Bird rate of € 80 (VAT excl.). You can invite a colleague for free.

If you register after the preregistration period is closed, you pay € 110 (VAT excl.)You will also be able to invite a colleague for free.

How can I share news articles of FIF?

On the “News” page, you’ll see a “share” icon next to the articles. This allows you to share the articles with colleagues.

I cannot attend FIF, can a colleague take my place?

Participants unable to attend may be replaced by a colleague. These changes must be confirmed by e-mail at We will do the necessary to transfer the accounts.

Do I need to download specific programs to be able to attend?

No, the only thing you need is a device that is connected to the internet. The entire event will be streamed via your browser.

How can I ask a question during the Q&A?

During the webinars, a QR-code will be displayed. If you scan this, you are able to ask your questions live.

How do I access the event?

Once your registration is complete, you will get an e-mail with a link to the event platform.

Important: this platform will only be available during the event: 29/09, 30/09, 01/10.

Who can attend FIF?

FIF is a professional B2B event, which focuses on fund professionals. While registering, you will be asked to confirm that you are a B2B attendee.

How can I invite a colleague?

Once your own registration is complete, you will receive a voucher. This will contain a unique code, with which your colleague can register.
If you received a free ticket via a colleague, you cannot in turn invite another colleague.

When can I pay?

Once the regular registrations open on the 9th of September, you will be able to place your payment.

I did not receive a discount code?

Discount codes will send on the 8th of September, one day before the regular registrations open.

I did not receive a confirmation email?

This can take a few minutes. Make sure to check your spam folder. If you still did not receive an email, please contact us.

How can I use my discount code?

If you’ve received a voucher code, please add the code at the bottom of the registration form.

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