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Life-investment Solutions in a “lower for longer” world – Assuralia

29/09/2020 – 14.30 – 15.00

At the end of 2019, the stock of bonds with a negative yield reached 11 Trillion USD, representing one quarter of the Investment Grade bonds universe. In these times of extreme low interest period, clients with a low risk appetite are desperately looking for alternatives to generate income. Considering a higher risk appetite and being convinced that “There Really Is No Alternative” is not a option that all Investors are able to follow. There are good alternatives. The world of Life Insurances offers some of them. At Belfius, we “relaunched” since a couple of years, the Structured Life-Investment solutions.

Those Branches 23 solutions that aim to offer some kind of protection on their capital to our customer, also offer them the possibility to choose a level of guaranteed capital. From no risk to partial guarantee, the expected return of our Clients increases. The expected pay-off of those structures depends on the underlying construction. Most of them are linked to the evolution of the stock exchange markets. This allows our customers to combine the safety of protection and the upside potential of the stock markets.

At Belfius, we have our own Conviction on the economy, the stock markets and the impact of this Conviction on the portfolio’s of our customers. Each launch of a structured Branches 23 solution follows this Conviction. Finally, the tax advantage of the Branches 23 solutions really appears like “the cherry on the cake”.

About the speaker

Sébastien Leclercq

Sébastien joined Dexia in 2004 in the Investment Strategy department and rapidly became Product Manager. He then moved to the Private Banking division of Belfius as a Private Banker. In 2018, Sebastien came back to Marketing and is since this year, Head of the Product Management Saver, Investors, Private Banking and Wealth Management for Belfius Bank and Domain Director Life Investment for Belfius Insurance.

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