News / Performance measurement and statistical learning – Febelfin Academy

Performance measurement and statistical learning – Febelfin Academy

30/09/2020: 15.15 – 17.15


During this session, you will learn more about fund management and different models of performances and statistics

Target Group

The training course can be taken by various target groups which are active in the following functions, among others:

  • Management, middle-management and employees responsible for portfolio management and/or investment advice.
  • Management, middle-management and employees of product, risk, compliance, accounting, legal, tax, operations and/or administration departments.
  • Members of the Board of Directors, members of management and employees of Pension Funds.
  • Management, middle-management and employees of monetary or controlling authorities.

Prior knowledge

Advanced: offers practice-based applications to complement the theoretical knowledge already acquired through the “basic level” courses (in-depth learning).


  • you understand how fund management is appraised;
  • you distinguish between passive and active performances;
  • you get introduced to linear and non linear statistical models;
  • you extend your fund selection skills.

Duration: 2 hours
Points Bank: 2 points


Type of course:

  • Live webinar
    • Theoretical training: During our theoretical training courses we offer a combination of theory and practical exercises. The cases, examples and exercises are taken from everyday situations or are contributed by you and then solved under the guidance of the trainer.

Training material:

  • PowerPoint presentation

Join the Webinar on 30/09/2020 at 15.15 – 17.15

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