News / ESG for pension funds (Pensioplus)

ESG for pension funds (Pensioplus)

How to integrate ESG-factors into an investment process

  • Pension funds as institutional investors
  • Why is ESG integration gaining traction?
  • ESG, asset classes and terminology
  • Integrating ESG into the investment process
    • Investment beliefs
    • ESG Policy
    • Implementation
    • Benchmarking and monitoring
  • Some examples

Speakers: Philip Neyt & Marc Van den Bosch

Philip Neyt, Chairman PensioPlus

Philip Neyt is chairman of PensioPlus, the Belgian Association of Pension Institutions, the representative association and spokesperson of the Belgian IORP’s. Philip is also a member of the EIOPA’s Occupational Pensions Stakeholder Group and has a long relevant experience in managing pensions in the corporate and public sector.

Marc Van den Bosch, Deputy Secretary General PensioPlus

Marc Van den Bosch is Deputy Secretary General at PensioPlus and has over 20 years experience in managing pension schemes.

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