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The respondents mapped

Stricter regulations and disruption. Trade wars that can have a big macro-economic impact on the world economy. British regulating entities that fear to lose their European passport due to the Brexit. The Belgian funds market uncovers its concerns and opportunities in our B2B research. How do fund experts look at the future? Some results.

The Belgian B2B funds market research, which was set up in partnership by EY and BEAMA, posed 100 qualitative main questions to 113 professionals. Who took part Half of the respondents have their headquarters in Belgium. 23.5% have a Belgian branch office. And 21.5% have a Belgian subsidiary. As a result, the survey is very representative of the Belgian B2B market.

Decision makers

The highest number of participants, 56%, are part of an integrated banking and insurance group. Of all respondents, 32% is part of the higher management in the company. 16% are board members. And 27% is part of the middle management. This means that also the right people took part in the research namely, the decision makers.

Coherent results

24% of the participants are employees. A number of questions ? for example related to legislation and technology ? were fairly technical and complex. But everyone was given the opportunity to call upon the opinions of qualified colleagues for such questions. As a result, the survey was very coherent, and unbalancing contradictions were avoided.

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