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Unit-linked investments with specific insurance benefits – Assuralia

30/09/2020: 14.30 – 15.00

In addition to many investment opportunities, insurance investments offer additional advantages.  This session zooms in on the possible insurance features.

With investment insurances you can easily determine to whom the capital will be paid out in the event of death. You can provide an extra amount for e.g. your partner or you can choose to favour someone in particular. Even more, you can already transfer a part of your assets to your children or grandchildren while still retaining control of these assets.

Depending on the product modalities, a unit-linked insurance policy can usually be extended with additional covers. By paying a certain premium, you can supplement the assets in the event of, for example, death or accidental death. This allows for extra protection by paying out an extra amount to the beneficiary.

Unit-linked insurance policies also offer the possibility to finance other services, such as linking to and paying for non-life insurance policies. With the life insurances in question, you give your customers the necessary peace of mind on many levels, not only in the event of death, but also in the event of life.

On top of that, investment insurances are subject to a different legislation than other investment products (such as funds). By spreading a portfolio across different product types, you spread the risks in case of future and rapidly changing legal and tax regulations.

About the speaker

Christophe Van Loo is a commercial engineer with working experience at KBC in Direct Channels & Distribution, ICT and HR.

He is currently responsible for the business development of Life Insurance.

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